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Many short stories, by several authors

 Writer’s Bar – No.2

Writer’s  Bar – No. 2 is the second collaboration of published writers from Goiânia, Brazil. It builds on the collection of stories from the first Writer’s Bar. Open to interpretation, it provides the reader a chance to look at life differently. This book is ideal for sensitive, mature people, and highly recommended for those who like to be challenged while reading. It has a ton of published references which broaden the reading experience. It also delves deeply into the different aspect of the Brazilian lifestyle, presenting characters from different origins: indigenous, northeastern, residents of peripheries, children, youth, adults; has that capture the heart and emotions involved in everyday life.

Published by Utopia in 2010.

Organizer: For most of the production: Cristiano Deveras

ISBN 978-85-7766-849-6

This book can be purchased now in Portuguese.

We are in the process of trying to bring this young author’s published work as a writer and editor of short stories to the United States please visit our Kickstarter page and help the cause.

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Writer’s Bar
Tazzia Bronx
Writer’s Bar – No. 2
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Writer’s Bar – Third Dose
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Tazzia Bronx
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