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Cristiano Deveras, a writer, and poet, formed in letters by Unopar-Universidade North do Paraná.  Awarded the “Hugo de Carvalho Ramos Publications Purse “, from the Brazilian Writers Union in Goiás, in 2006 with its début book, “Dinner at 11“. Two years later he received an honorable mention in the Lucilo Varejão Award” of Recife City Literary Contest, with his second book, “Heart of Stone“. He was also a finalist for the SESC Literature Award. Winner of the “Hugo de Carvalho Ramos Publications Purse”, from the Brazilian Writers Union, in Goiás, in 2012 with the Book of Tales “The Ethereal Being of Carbon”.

Having a good time

A quote about the writer – Cristiano Deveras

“This book I recently bought at a book fair, I bought from the author himself was with a booth there. He was promoting several stories that he published on the internet, all the stories are very funny, as I can not speak of all I decided to speak of my favorite that was ‘ Sons and Silence’.

This special tale caught my attention because it talks about several gossiping neighbors who call the firemen, because of a tenant who they have not seen in days, when the firemen arrive and break down the door the nosey neighbors come and go looking around the apartment and start complaining of a scent of a dead body, the tenant arrives home suddenly and explains the whole situation, but the best part of this tale is the ending that is hilarious, but I will not ruin it for you. 

“It was past six-thirty when the firemen arrived. The dusty neighbors disturbed everyone with their nosy body and their indiscreet curiosity. The owner of the apartment, an eccentric by nature, who nobody knew for sure what he was doing, had been missing for five days. After the weekend, they began to wonder at the lack of the usual sounds that came from the room. Although many complained for months of their presence, they now complained precisely of the silence of death that reigned on that pavement.” – Tá Na Rede

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